Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery reshapes body structures that people do not like and change the appearance of the person and provides self-confidence. Nowadays appearance has become an important element. For this reason, in our modern lives, people want to feel good not only spiritually but also with their external appearance.

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Hair Transplantation

In Hair Taransplantation, hair roots taken from healthy area for a variety of resonsa.Is the process of placement instead of spilled hair the proccess of placing obtained roots is called hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be applied to everyone who has masculine hair loss for various causes. The cells that produce hair die over time. Thus, the hair is weakening first, then this area gradually begins to grow and then it falls out. Today, hair transplantation is a definite and permanent treatment.

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Dental Treatment

Oral and Dental health is of great importance in every period of human life. Oral and dental health and aesthetic problems arising from the teeth can negatively affect our lives. For this reason, health institutions should be fully equipped and recruited by the best physicians in the field.

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Eye Treatment

Our eyes are among our 5 senses organs, the most complex organ that comes after the brain, which shows us all the beauties of the world, to achieve 85% of our learning and perception. As with any disease, early diagnosis is the first step of success in treatment. The correct diagnosis can only be achieved through a full-scale examination with the latest technologies.

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Obesity is a chronic disease that occurs in the body due to excessive fat growth caused by weight gain. As a result of excess calorie intake, excess energy accumulated in the body cannot be stored and converted into fat . This increase in fat leads to obesity. Currently, Obesity has become one of the major health problems of developed and developing countries. This chronic disease causes many diseases and death.

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After clients get in contact with professional team of MestCare, medical evaluations are performed by our prominent expert physicians in accordance with personal details provided by clients, medical report and test results, so that the necessary treatment plan and price would be shared with them. Medical evaluations of clients are performed in 24 hours at most and they would receive feedback. Clients are informed about all medical technologies which are going to be used in treatments.

Visa and plane tickets of the client may be included package price by MestCare upon the request of client. If the health condition of client is not healthy enough for air travel, they may be picked up by air ambulance. If clients inform the MestCare agent on their request for accommodation, reservations at contracted hotels in locations close to the hospital where they will treatment takes place shall be made by us.Our clients do not face communication problems thanks to our MestCare assistants who accompany them and speak same languages as clients. When clients arrive at Turkey, they are welcomed by MestCare patient representative that speaks the same language as the clients and VIP vehicle and they are transferred to hotel or hospital that they will be staying at. Hotel-hospital-airport transfers are performed by Mesteuropa throughout the treatment. A phone line to be used during the treatment is given to clients by Mesteuropa.

Treatments of our clients are performed at A-Class and JCI certificated hospitals, where high medical technology is present and the doctors are leading the field. Treatments processes of all clients are monitored by MestCare team and MestCare doctors and patients and their relatives are kept informed regularly. Clients would be informed about control examination and post-operative care by the doctor who performed the treatment, before discharging from the hospital. All the essential arranfgements for the departure of our client from the hospital on the day of discharge shall be conducted by MestCare.

Our clients can always get in contact with MestCare after the treatment for post treatment care after they returned to their countries when the treatment is completed.

The treatment process of our clients after treatment; are followed by MestCare’s doctors in the relevant countries.

Our Services

Our aim is to bring the most effective treatment options with the most economic prices for patients arriving in Turkey from across the world, and to provide our clients with the highest standards of medical treatment in Turkey.

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