Body Aesthetics

Body Aesthetics

Fat Removal (Liposuction)

Cosmetic fat removal (liposuction) is one of the most performed surgical procedures in our age. Fat removal (liposuction) treatment is removal of fat cells between the skin and the muscle by means of various techniques. In cases where diet and exercise proves insufficient to lose excess weight, this type of operation is preferred by both men and women to remove stubborn fat deposits. Aim of cosmetic fat removal (liposuction) is not to lose weight but to reshape the body to achieve the desired lines. Interventions performed on problem spots in this context help the patient achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

In cosmetic fat removal treatment our surgeons employ “Laser Liposuction” and state of the art Ultrasonic Liposuction variant “Vaser Liposuction” as well as Classical Liposuction. After the clinical examination conducted by our doctors, the technique most suited to skin structure of the patient is determined and the patient is provided with detailed information regarding the selected method. In addition, it is also possible to use the fat tissue removed from the patient by Liposuction for injection to areas where it is needed by means of Lipofilling. Thus, the patient can reach the body image they desire.

Frequently performed liposuction zones include Abdomen, Back, Buttocks, Hipline, Thigh, Back of the Knee, Neck, Jowls and Arms. Fat removal operation can be performed on a single zone, or as a combination of multiple zone after assessment of your status by our doctors.

As MestCare Health Services our surgical pack prices for liposuction operations are calculated specifically for each individual patient according to operation zone(s). We would like to reiterate our surgical operations are performed in A Class JCI approved hospitals in Turkey.

Brazilian Buttocks Cosmetic

Also known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Brazilian Buttocks Cosmetic operation is an increasingly popular surgical procedure which is preferred by people complaining of flat or drooping buttocks or loss of elasticity in their buttocks, providing them a more prominent, younger and fuller buttocks and a more ideal body line.

The most attractive aspect of this surgical treatment is the fact that it also allows the patient to simultaneously lose the fat accumulations in abdomen, back and hipline zones by Liposuction. The fat tissue removed from the patient with this procedure is subjected to stem cell enrichment and reinjected to the buttocks. Thus, your buttocks achieve a fuller and perkier appearance, giving you a more attractive profile.

In addition to fat injection method, buttocks lifting operation can also be performed with implant placement for patients without extra fat stocks. As MestCare we carefully select the Cosmetic Surgeons who perform Buttocks Lifting Operations based on their certifications, experience and background, in result of research specifically conducted for your needs. We would like to reiterate our surgical operations are performed in A Class JCI approved hospitals in Turkey.

  • Surgical Specifications

    Required Time: 1.5-2 hours.
    Type of Anaesthesia: General

  • Olası Yan Etkiler

    Oedema, bruising, swelling

  • Recovery Process

    Return to Work or School: 10 days
    Sports or Exhaustive Activity: 4-6 weeks
    Final Appearance: 4 – 6 months

Abdominal Lifting (Abdominoplasti)

Abdominal lifting operations are a type of body sculpting surgery involving removal of deformations like skin cracks, loose skin and muscles in the middle and lower abdominal area originating from extreme weight loss or after-birth complications. With abdominal lifting operations performed by our expert surgeons the loose skin and subdermal tissues are removed and muscles are repaired to achieve a look so straight and tight to be almost reminiscent of a corset. In some cases also supported with liposuction (fat removal) method, abdominal lifting operations are performed in three different method according to patient needs.

Mini Abdominal Lift; Surgical treatment performed for patients with minimal looseness in lower abdominal area without altering the position of belly button.

Full Abdominal Lift; Classical surgical operation performed for patients with significant looseness in the abdominal region which also involves relocation of belly button.

Peripheral Abdominal Lift; Surgical treatment option which involve peripheral removal of loose tissue in cases where looseness is not limited to the abdomen, but also extends to the back and hip regions.

Abdominal lift (abdominoplasty) operation will bolster your appearance and your self-confidence, however it will not guarantee an ideal appearance for you or eliminate other problems which might require treatment.

From the moment you contact the professional team of MestCare your complaint will be referred to our expert physicians and the surgical option most suited for your needs will be recommended. We would like to reiterate our surgical operations are performed in A Class JCI approved hospitals in Turkey.

  • Surgical Specification

    Required Time: 2-4 hours.
    Type of Anaesthesia: General

  • Potential Side Effects

    Temporary pain
    Oedema, restricted movement

  • Recovery Process

    Return to Work or School: 10 days
    Sports or Exhaustive Activity: 1 month
    Final Appearance: 6 months to 1 year

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