Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation


Hair transplantation is the process of recovery of hair by natural means for men and women who suffer hair loss due to genetic factors, metabolic changes especially in women, stress and other factors. The aim of hair transplantation is to restore the natural look of hair. This is achieved by collection of healthy hair follicles from the patient and transplantation of these to the area of hair loss. Unlike the front and top sections of the head, certain areas around the back of the head are home to hair follicles genetically resistant to hair loss. The healthy hair follicles in this area can be transplanted to areas which show thinning, hair loss or balding. As you know, Turkey claims the top spot in the world in hair transplantation in both treatment quality and price economy. As Mesteuropa we would like to point out we offer the most economic, highest quality and guaranteed hair transplantation services in Turkey.

With the developments in technology, today there are many techniques available in the field of hair transplantation, and many new techniques are added every day. In face of constantly increasing demand the hair transplantation sector continues to work and research for better solutions and innovations. DHI (stylus) method, Sapphire Percutaneous method, PRP transplantation method where follicles are nourished or Robotic hair transplantation are some of the techniques which differ from each other, but nevertheless all of them are fundamentally based on the singular FUE hair transplantation method. Today, these new techniques allow transplantation of hair, beard and moustache follicles in the fastest and most pain free fashion and pain-free recovery process, providing a thicker and more natural appearance.

As MestCare we conduct meticulous research to select the best physicians and institutions in the field of hair transplantation and related professional medical services. From the moment you contact professional team of Mesteuropa the hair transplantation option most suitable for you will be recommended by our expert physicians in consideration of the needs of the patient.

Fue Hair Transplantation

As the most widespread hair transplantation of today, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method involves collection of hair follicles at the back of the head one-by-one without creating a linear incision. The graft collection process is performed under local anaesthesia to ensure there is no pain or discomfort when the follicles are collected in vivo using small punch tips creating small cuts, and then these follicles are transplanted into hairless areas. Providing better comfort and ease in comparison to preceding methods, FUE method does not require stitching since there is no incision in the donor area and thus does not leave any permanent mark. In addition, FUE hair transplantation technique also allows use of various parts of the body as donor area for hair transplantation.

Confort-In Hair Transplant

One of the latest trending pain-free anaesthesia methods, the technique offered under the name of Comfort-in is again a variant of FUE hair transplantation method. This method is generally preferred by those with a needle phobia (trypanophobia). The practical mechanism of Comfort-in method involves spraying anaesthesia fluid under the skin by pressure on the target area of the needle, thus providing local anaesthesia. This both frees the patient from needle plain, and assures the medication is dispersed on an area larger than the needle profile.

DHI Hair Transplantation

While based on FUE method, DHI hair transplantation is applied in a slightly different manner. The largest difference of this method is the fact that it allows transplantation without the need to clip the hair short. The hair follicles to be transplanted need not be clipped at all. While typical FUE methods involve 3 steps comprised of Graft Collection, Channel Creation and Follicle Transplant, DHI hair transplant method differs in that the Channel Creation step is not performed as a separate action. In DHI method grafts are collected by a medical stylus under local anaesthesia and then channel creation and follicle transplantation actions are performed at once in a process of seconds. Hair transplantation process performed in 3 steps in typical FUE technique is reduced to 2 steps in DHI technique thanks to use of a medical stylus.

Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplantation

Sapphire percutaneous hair transplantation is a new hair transplantation technique based on use of a natural sapphire stone (crystal) to create the channels for hair graft transplantation without damaging the skin. In the Sapphire Percutaneous method a singular cavity is opened for each individual follicle, thus achieving a natural look. Transplanted hair follicles do not move. Thanks to creation of an individual cavity for each individual follicle the result has a thicker and more natural appearance. In typical hair transplantation the number of follicles that can be grafted on an area of 1 square centimetre is around 35-40, while the number follicles that can be grafted on the same area can reach up to 70-80. Titanium stemmed and sapphire tipped channel opener technique allows selection of special tips from person to person according to the hair thickness and skin type of the patient.

Afro Hair Transplantation

Afro Hair Transplantation is the type of hair transplantation preferred for patient with curly and wavy hair, like African Americans. The structure of Afro hair differs from straight hair. The difference in subcutaneous holding angles of this type of follicles especially complicates hair transplantation process. The waves of curvy and wavy hair cover more area on skin and make use of conventional hair transplantation methods more complicated. Therefore, curvy grafts can be damaged more easily and thus it is harder to transplant them. If appropriate Micro Punch and angle calculations are not made, significant graft (follicle) losses can be seen during collection, causing great difficulty in reaching the planned follicle numbers. Therefore, every detail of hair must be meticulously analysed for AFRO HAIR TRANSPLANTATION.

At MestCare we hold one-on-one interviews with each potential patient to complete our processes in order to ensure complications are minimised. Our experienced physicians will examine your hair in detail to determine whether follicular unit extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implant (DHI) or a combination of both is suitable for you, and the packet price most suitable for your case will be recommended.

Beard & Moustache Transplantation

Failure of hair growth in puberty period, or loss or thinning of hair in beard and moustache areas due to accidents or infections can cause aesthetic or psychological concerns. To provide people with comfort and self-confidence in such situations FUE method can be utilised to graft the patient’s own hair follicles.

Hairs on areas like moustache, beard and eyebrows on the face have unique follicle angles. These angles must be taken into consideration during transplantation. Hairs in unwanted areas like upper cheeks or lower neck areas can be collected as grafts and transplanted to areas where they are wanted.

After application reddening can be seen around the transplanted follicles due to increase vascularisation. This is a temporary condition and the patient does not need to worry about it. During the first 3-4 weeks the transplanted hairs will fall, and these will be replaced by new growth after 8-10 weeks. Moustache and beard hairs that continue to grow after transplantation can be shortened with scissors after 15 days or left to grow. To ensure the follicles take good hold it is recommended to wait for a minimum of 1 month before having the first shave.

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