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ORGAN Transplant


As MestCare Medical Services we work with Turkish hospitals held as centres of reference across the world. We would like to iterate we are an international assistance institution preferred by patients from many regions across the world, especially Middle-East, as well Balkan Countries, USA and Europe.

As MestCare we provide international patients with effective services in the field of organ transplants, especially liver, kidney and corneal transplants, as well as bone marrow, pancreas and tissue and/or stem cell transplants. We would like to point out that due to the wide experience of organ transplant surgeons in our country many surgeon candidates from well-developed countries like USA chose Turkey for their education. Organ transplantation is a field of medicine which strictly requires the utmost level of multidisciplinary competence, and as such both the level of technical facilities and surgical competence in Turkey allow performance of organ transplantations and surgeries under conditions better than many well-developed countries across the world, which remains one of the primary reasons many patients chose Turkey for their organ transplantation operations.

Important points our international organ transplantation patients should keep in mind include the following;

Organ transplantation for international patients is only allowed to be sourced from a live donor. This process is governed by the Turkish Ministry of Health.
The donor must be related to the patient up to the fourth generation and this relationship must be proven by documentary evidence from the relevant embassy/consulate.
All official documents must be drawn in English or Turkish.
Even where results of recently conducted tests from other medical institutions showing compatibility between the donor and the patient are available, all pre-operation tests must be performed at the hospital where the operation will take place.
Compatible donors must be in the 18 to 50 age range, must not have had any operation before and must not have any history of serious health problems.

In line with the principle of “health is first”, we at MestEuropa see each patient as vitally important on their own right. Therefore, from the moment you contact the professional team of MestEuropa we can guarantee you will feel like you are home with peace of mind. Finally, we would like to reiterate, your treatment will take place in Class A and JCI approved hospitals in Turkey.

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Our aim is to bring the most effective treatment options with the most economic prices for patients arriving in Turkey from across the world, and to provide our clients with the highest standards of medical treatment in Turkey.

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